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Body Revival with Juvenik

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Stiff shoulders and spine or painful foot, twisted wrist due to long working office hours or travel? Badly in need of massage by a therapist or spouse but no one seems to be available due to a shortage of time or busy schedule?

Here is the best comforter which will not only relieve you of pain but will also rejuvenate your whole body to awaken you from inside the soul! That’s why it’s also coined as “Juvenik”. To rejuvenate a whole of you!

Best Features of Juvenik:

  • Relaxant:

Per your liking of gentle or hard tough massage touch, adjust the settings of Juvenik and close your eyes and leave it all to it. It will take care of the rest.

  • No hassle Wires:

Charge Juvenik and go hassle-free of carrying wires with you everywhere.

  • Portable:

Can be easily carried and hence easily portable. Does not occupy much space so as to use it anytime, anywhere.

  • No loss of time and work

Once settings are set, owing to its portability, the work is not hampered and hence no loss of time. You can continue with your engagements while Juvenik takes care of your gentle massage.

This sleek “Juvenik” body massager comes with the following inclusions:

  • 1 Juvenik massager
  • 9 different Massage heads
  • 1 Juvenik charger
  • 1 Juvenik bag
  • 1 Juvenik gift box

Depending on the severity of pain, Juvenik allows adjusting 6 levels of intensity with 6 modes of operation.

Wonderful plus points of Juvenik you don’t want to miss:

  • Aids in relaxation of face/Palms.
  • Ideal for Wrist muscle pain relief.
  • Use different Massage heads for severe and moderate foot pain.
  • Loosen stiff shoulders
  • 4-point massage head relieves multiple muscles in the Spinal area.
  • Relieves Calf/Arm muscle pain.
  • Targets multiple points on the foot to relieve minor tension.
  • Special Massage head designed for thigh muscles.

Take some time to Rejuvenate yourself by “Juvenik”.

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