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Best geek shows on Netflix

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If you consider yourself a geek it’s likely that you do some research before committing to a brand-new Netflix show. If you’re looking for some of the best TV on Netflix for geeks, check out some of these top titles and add them to your Netflix list today:

Marvel Daredevil

Marvel’s daredevil series was one of the first available on Netflix as an original series. It has an excellent character development as well as an introduction for a variety of characters from the Marvel universe. If you’re already a fan of the marvel movies, there are plenty of unique storylines that twist in and out of the plots of the movies here.

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is based off of a 2002 novel by Richard K Morgan. The story follows a mercenary that’s been frozen for over 250 years after he was convicted of treason. He’s hired to solve a murder case in 2384. During a time where individuals can upload their consciousness and implant themselves into new bodies, the main character is forced to solve the murder of a client. The catch is that the client is the one who was murdered! This is an amazing 10 episodes set in a cyberpunk style.

Black Mirror

Black mirror is like a new age version of the twilight zone created by Charlie Brooker. There are several seasons up on Netflix now and most of the stories revolve around dystopian nightmares of our potential future. Several of the episodes have been nominated for Emmys and you can pick and choose stories based off of the plot synopsis as each one plays like a one hour teleplay.

Stranger Things

stranger things are the Netflix original that brought over 8 million new subscribers to the platform. It’s a film series that plays out like Stephen King’s writing meet Steven Spielberg’s directorial style from the 80s.

Be sure to check out any of these excellent geek shows on Netflix if you are looking for something great to watch!

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