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7 Smart Things to Do When She Doesn’t Text Back

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Online dating is complicated, and it can become even more difficult when she doesn’t text back. Many men out there face the same dilemma: why did she suddenly vanish into thin air after days or weeks of pleasant conversation?

It can be so frustrating when she keeps ignoring your messages for days without reason.

A question ‘if she doesn’t text back should I text again’ is surely popping into your head.

Instead of trying to figure out what do to, follow the seven steps below to see if you can get an answer.

1. Try to Understand What Went Wrong

If you’ve been in contact for a while now and all of a sudden she isn’t responding, you must first try to understand what went awry. Sometimes, it may be that you waited for too long to ask for a date, and she met someone else. Or it could be that she was just playing games and got bored. She could simply be busy.

But more often than not, it could be something you said that upset or scared her. That’s why it is important to learn about cultural differences, especially when you want to date someone from another country. For instance, if you want to find Russian women, you must learn how to talk to them; know what phrases could upset them and what to avoid saying. A way to do this is by browsing Russian dating reviews about Russian ladies and Russian online dating in general.

2. Send a Funny Text

Knowing how to talk to a woman isn’t a guarantee that she won’t go silent. If she stopped texting after a specific question, such as asking her out for a date, wait for an hour or two and send another text.

The secret is to have a relaxed approach to her sudden silence. Text her something like ‘oh, that plan sounds awesome’ or ‘yeah, I love your idea’ alongside a smile or wink.

Never ask her why she didn’t reply nor send any kind of negative message. Keep it short, funny, and positive.

3. Wait For a Day or Two

If your follow-up text didn’t yield the expected results, stop texting and wait for at least a day before sending another message.

There are a million reasons why she might not answer. Perhaps something came up. Maybe she’s too busy with work or study. Give her space to find free time and get back to you.

If she still didn’t answer after a day and you feel like you’ve been ghosted, send another playful message to shift the vibes.

4. Switch Medium

No answer yet? There is nothing to worry! Just use a different approach. If she’s not answering your text message, contact her through an app. There are dozens of popular messaging apps, such as Whatsapp or Viber.

Try and see if she’s using any of them, then pop up a message. Don’t talk about anything that you’ve texted before. Come up with a fresh and friendly topic that can enhance her interest.

5. Ask If She’s Okay

If she didn’t text back, how long should you wait? If days went by and you still didn’t receive a reply, it is perfectly fine to send an ‘I’m worried about you’ kind of text. Just ask if she and her family are okay. Empathy can easily win you a girl’s heart; just make sure you don’t wait for too long before sending her this type of text.

Usually, if she hadn’t replied in about three days, go for it and ask if she’s okay.

6. Propose Instead of Asking

You should hopefully know something about her passions and interests. Take advantage of what you know to propose an interesting activity instead of just asking her out for a date.

For instance, invite her to a concert if she likes music; propose a visit to a museum or art gallery instead of a boring coffee.

If you want to make her reply, you have to be more creative than the other guys she might be texting.

7. Call Her

If you have her phone number, just give her a call. Don’t worry; this move won’t make you look too desperate. If she doesn’t answer, then maybe it’s the time to accept that you’ve been ghosted and move on.

We hope the steps above have helped you understand what to do when she doesn’t text back. Nevertheless, keep in mind that online dating must be fun and relaxing. Some women might ghost you. But there are dozens of other beautiful single ladies out there. Don’t miss opportunities just because you’re focusing on someone who’s clearly not interested in you.If you’ve given her a week and she still didn’t text back, move on and start chatting with other girls. Who knows? Maybe the love of your life, a gorgeous Russian girl is just one click away: https://find-bride.com/russian-brides.

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