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3 Reasons to Start Dating a Gamer

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There is a notion that most of the girls have about dating gamers, that they are the most boring people and unfit as boyfriends. Some even think that dating gamers can make their lives miserable because most the times, they’d be busy with their stuff and wouldn’t care about their girls.

If you have the same feeling, it’s time you reconsidered it. Relationships are never perfect, but there are benefits of dating a gamer. We have three surprisingly great reasons to date a gamer. Learn them to know them better.

  1. You have a Techie – If you have someone who you can always count on for small technical issues, someone who can personally take care of those things, that’s a real point to consider. These little things cost you so much when you have to refer a professional. You’ll have your own in house professional, though without a certificate, to make sure your technical stuff is up to date and running. This might sound mean and selfish to some, but there is no other mode of payment worthy enough than understanding and loving your boyfriend back. That is all they need; a little love, a little compassion, and a lot more understanding.
  2. They let you have your Space – Sometimes, a relationship with too many questions on whereabouts or wanting to be together most of the times possible becomes suffocating. It is essential to let each other some space so that both the parties can spend quality time with themselves too. Imagine you want time with your girls, want to spend time shopping and pampering yourself. Not to worry, these gamers would love to let you have your space because, in return, they would get theirs!
  3. They can Wait – Girls who love to take time getting ready, shopping or at the parlor, generally have problems with their boyfriends complaining about the wait time. You’d be happy to know that you won’t have such issues if your boyfriend is a gamer. Every time you delay, your guy wouldn’t complain because he’ll have his phone to keep him busy. He’d either be engrossed in some war games, criminal games or running caves and mountains. Isn’t that wonderful?

Honestly, there is no relationship that is perfect; however, dating someone who is understanding and compassionate for a good reason is what we all need. So go and give this gamer a chance, you wont regret it!

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