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3 Of The Coolest Sites On The Internet

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Some websites are sleek and functional, others are messier than your 15-year-old brother’s bedroom.

But then there are those that could put the Sistine Chapel to shame in their design. They’ve been coiffed, coded and prettified like queens in a beauty pageant, and they’re all the better for it.

It’s enough to make your jaw drop, your eyes fill with tears and the neurons in your brain spark with the kind of glee usually reserved for extra-cold ice cream on a sweltering summer’s day.

Or maybe it’s just got a half-decent GUI…

Either way, it’s enough to take your geeky breath away.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite websites to prove our point. If you’re a web developer you’ll be head over heels for them. And if you’re a business hoping for a website revamp, these could provide you with the ideal inspiration.

1 Looking4.com

We’re not claiming that airport parking is a wild roller coaster ride, but price comparison site Looking4.com has proved that even the most pedestrian of booking forms can be brought to life with a well-designed site.

At first glance, the site’s friendly and welcoming, complete with warm colors and a simple form that can provide all the information you need with as little input as possible.

Adding to the appeal of this site are customer reviews placed directly on the homepage, not hidden from view on a separate Testimonials page.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make your business site look trustworthy from the get-go, this is the ideal template to follow.

2 – A Good Movie To Watch

Cinephiles everywhere suffer from one common problem – what cinematic classic to choose from.

A Good Movie To Watch aims to help you through this ordeal. This site allows you to pick a movie based on your mood, favorite genres and a huge range of other variables.

Want to know what films are on Netflix right now? This is the site for you. Want user reviews to give you a better understanding of the film you’ve just seen? Then this is the place to visit.

This is a site that knows its audience to the nth degree and provides exactly the kind of content they’re hankering for.

3 – Scribble Maps

Since Google Maps reinvented travel for anyone with a smartphone, there have been thousands of variants on their ingenious idea.

The best on the interweb is Scribble Maps, which adds the useful feature of being able to draw on a global map and share it with your friends.

You’ll be able to place markers, draw curves and put together itineraries with this site, before exporting your map into a PDF or other document for use offline.

This software is being used by everyone from holidaymakers to cartographers – which makes it a pretty excellent site to us.

Can you think of any other sites that are too cool for school? Then let us know in the comments below!

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