3 electronic devices that are totally overrated

There are some electronic devices that we simply can’t live without. If you can’t imagine going a day without your smart phone or a smartphone device, it’s likely that you have some dependence on electronic devices. While some electronic devices can become a part of our regular daily routine there are some electronics that are completely overrated. Jurors were electronic devices that are totally overrated today:

Mini Notebooks

The idea of a small 13 inch screen on a notebook is highly overrated device today. Many tablets can often boast better battery life, improve performance specifications and even lighter designs. Rather than choosing a Compaq notebook, you could consider an ultraportable laptop or even a modern tablet and get more for your money.

The iPod Touch

The iPod Touch was a product that divided the market for Apple fans. As the iPod was one of the top products in the market, introducing a touchscreen version made for an inexpensive version of a smart phone that had less features. Other products like the Zune were available at a far lesser price point with more storage and better features at the time. Even though the touch is still available in the Apple store, it just makes more sense to upgrade to an iPhone or choose a classic mp3 player instead.

Home Energy Monitoring Devices

While a smart thermostat or home hub can be very helpful for monitoring your electricity usage, these are overrated devices if you don’t adopt the right habits. If you were able to simply unplug devices before you left the house and changed some of your usage habits with electricity, you could experience the same results without having to invest hundreds of dollars in a wifi energy monitoring device.

If you are considering the purchase of any of these three devices you may want to consider some alternatives instead as these are some of the most overrated electronic devices on the market right now!



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