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3 Awesome Netflix Series to Binge On

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While staying back at home, the best you can do to treat yourself is by sitting like a couch potato and binging on either movies or TV series. With a lot of options these days, one can easily pick a platform and start watching movies or series back to back. Also, picking one from the ocean of shows online may be overwhelming, because there are too many out there. Checking for reviews first is the best way to go about, but not everybody has the same choice, and you might even end up disliking.

If you are a huge TV series fan, you’d already know almost everything that is there online. However, if you are someone who has just started on the Netflix subscription and would like recommendations, we have some amazing series to suggest that you can sit and binge watch without feeling bored.

Since we aren’t aware of your choices, we have 3 series from different genres to recommend that you can check out for your binge watch day.

1. Narcos – If you like high concept drama and crime-related stories, you are sure to love this series. Season 3 of the famous Narcos, tell the story of Escobar and also highlights the impact of the international drug trade. Compared to the previous seasons, the third one is quite intense and focuses majorly on what happens after Escobar dies.

2. One Day at a Time – If you like family shows and enjoy being a part of them, you’d like ‘One Day at a Time’. It is a warm-hearted series that tells the story of a Cuban family living in Los Angeles. The series is funny, silly and sincere at the same time, and covers everything from immigration and LGBT rights to dating and depression. The two vital roles in the series, Rita and Justina (mother and daughter) will make you fall in love.

3. Black Mirror – If you haven’t given a thought over what technology has given us and how it is going to rule everything in the future, you’ll start thinking about it after watching this series. The series comes with different stories in each episode that tells you how scary technological evolution can become. The first 3 episodes are a must to watch even if you are planning on skipping after the fourth.

There are several TV shows worth watching; check their storyline and reviews before you decide on which one to start with. Netflix is sure to have something for your taste as well. Go binge watch these amazing series and thanks us later!

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