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Why The Geek Chic Look is Making a Comeback

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Yes, the geek look is making a comeback and here’s why. Geek chic is comfortable, flexible, classic, and downright fun! If you are trying to find the best way to wear preppy designs, here are a few ways to make the clothes work for you. From chinos and polo shirts, to cardigans and horn-rims, combine the right pieces to get great geek style.

Jeans and Trousers
Geek chic calls out for trendy jeans. Your denim should be slim fitting and silhouette flattering. Grey, brown, rust, red, black and traditional blue jeans are at the height of fashion. Clothing shops such as the Glue Store that specialize in updated retro trends feature unique styles and colours. Cargo pants, corduroy trousers and track-pants are some trends to check out.


The preppy look combines throwback fashions in creative ways. Many stars are rocking the look and making the ‘geek’ trend more attractive than ever. Start by wearing a relaxed t-shirt with symbols, cartoon characters, or math equations. You name it…almost anything goes. Better yet, layer your short-sleeved tees over longer sleeved knit shirts in striking colours or wear them under your favourite work shirts.

Button Shirts and Baseball Jackets

Button-down polo shirts, baseball jerseys and jackets add novelty. V-neck shirts with stripes take cool to a completely new level. Plain knit jumpers look great under definitive cardigans. Updated patterns will add finesse. Keep in mind that layered separates are at the heart of preppy style.

Hooded Zipped Sweaters and Jackets

Every fashionable geek needs one or more hoodies to make the wardrobe complete. Hooded tops are ideal for changing weather conditions and they provide a casual tone. Choose a few of your best colours and layer to your heart’s satisfaction. You may also want to consider adding an old-school bomber jacket, a plaid wool jacket, a heavy-duty hoodie, or a trench coat.

Jumpers and Cardigans

V-neck jumpers and knit vests look great over dress shirts and checkered trousers. Plain, striped and argyle designs are some of the classic patterns that are trending. Decorative jumpers combined with skinny slacks are making a comeback. Cardigans are fashionable, scholarly, and edgy… especially when you combine the look with a great pair of horn-rimmed specs.

Trainers and Shoes

Colourful trainers, skate shoes, slip-on boat-shoes and loafers are perfect for the geek chic look. They are available in a variety of hues, as well as classic browns, greys, and tan. A pair of traditional plimsolls will complete any outfit, matching casual layered t-shirt with slim-fitting trouser.

Go a Little Crazy with Accessories

You can cast caution to the breeze and add some interesting preppy accessories to the mix. Besides horn-rimmed glasses and boat-shoes, select a brown, black or white leather-look belt with a schoolboy buckle or suspenders, a nerdy badge, cool socks and a throwback watch. A backpack or handbag with a shoulder strap will finish off the chic look with ultimate style. Finally, round out your wardrobe with a geeky comeback suit!

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