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Cult Clothing – 3 Extreme Collectors

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There’s something thrilling about being a niche collector that outsiders just don’t understand.

Collecting is a cash-generating enterprise for some hoarders — while others embrace the sheer thrill of owning an item that’s completely unique and coveted.

Whatever your obsession, here are three extreme collectors of cult clothing that stop at nothing to get their hands on all things rare, retro and unusual.


Brit Ross Wilson bought his first t-shirt from streetwear brand Supreme when he visited their new store in New York in 1994 — and spent the next two decades snaffling up a 1000-item collection.

As well as iconic t-shirts, his stash includes branded boxing gloves, a North Face collaboration jacket, rare Nike trainers and even a basketball.

He’s now auctioning off his collection and hopes that rare pieces will go to genuine collectors with a passion for the brand, rather than resellers looking for a swift profit.

Ross’s obsession with the brand had spanned its entire history and growth from a small enterprise to a $1billion business.

If you’ve got an eye for a promising brand, investing in it from its inception could allow you to start your own valuable collection.


Cool kicks really float the boat of Adidas aficionado @dasslersfinest — he’s spent years sourcing and snapping up some of the rarest pairs of three-stripe sneakers in the world.

His passion lies in classic 70s and 80s designs like the Handball Spezial, Forest Hills and Palermo, rather than new models designed in collaboration with Kanye West or Palace.

And his dedication to the cause has meant scouring charity shops and sports stores across Europe and the US in search or rare designs like the Mexicana and Achill.

This collector is adamant he’ll never sell his collection and preserves the condition of his precious purchases by using a separate ‘fleet’ of footwear that he actually wears.

So if you want to get a step ahead in collecting trainers, buy two pairs the next time you hit the stores — one to wear and another to store.

Haute Couture

Billionaire divorcee Mouna Ayoub has the world’s largest collection of Haute Couture gowns.

There are 1600 pieces in total and each is worth between 50000 and 290000 Euros — since every item is also a one-off, this is one collection that’s unlikely to lose value.

Mouna apparently never wears the same expensive ensemble twice, despite the fact that her entire wardrobe has been custom-made for her.

And her collection of dresses is so extensive that she’s had to buy a second home in Monaco just to house it securely — such sacrifice and dedication to the cause of high fashion is admirable.

Following in Mouna’s footsteps requires a considerable bank balance, but you might get a similar buzz from collecting a certain style or brand of dress from a slightly more affordable outlet.

If you want to start your own cult clothing collection, these three extreme collectors should help you hit the ground running.

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