Will The 2021 WSOP Be Run Differently This Year?

The World Series of Poker is going to make a huge return this year. If you want to find out more about it or if you are interested in seeing how it is going to be run, then take a look below.

Live Schedule

When you look at the highlights that are due to take place in Vegas, you will see that there is also Nosebleed PLO as well as Event 84. This is the biggest buy-in for the Omaha pot as it stands at $50,000 a seat. This highlights the schedule as there are many nosebleed games. You have ones that are $50,000 and you also have ones at $100,000 and then $250,000. Another surprising addition this year would be the innovative $1000 buy-in flip and go. Based on the flip and go format, Event 20 is the first time that this event has ever run in the live setting.

If you combine the flip-out with pineapple and then regular poker, you will soon see that there is a round where players have to flip after they have discarded one of their three cards on the flop. This has to be done until there are no players left at the table. The players then convene for a second round of poker and the remaining players stay in the money.

A Full House

Make no mistake, the team is planning for a full house. The schedule is out now, and it looks like the bracelets are going to begin domestically. They are also going to be internationally shown on sites such as GGPoker. This is the biggest poker festival in the world, and it looks like it is going to be the biggest one in history so far.

This marks a very triumphant return as it was postponed partially last year. The WSOP has announced that there are going to be 88 events and that beyond a few smaller happenings, there weren’t any details. Now we have the full release of events that are taking place in Rio. The first bracelet is underway, the event beginning back on July 1st. The WSOP is trying to serve the domestic US market and they hosted 33 bracelets online in July alone.

Key Answers

The first set of bracelet events is going to go on July 1st, and it is going to take place on the WSOP.com site. You also have WSOP’s own Ty Stewart who is going to be giving updates on how the year is shaping up so far. He is incredibly excited to see live poker return and when he was asked what excited him the most, you will soon see that he was clear in his reply. He said that everything is thrilling because it’s been 26 months since everyone bagged up their last chips, and to say that it has been missed, would be an understatement.

He is very excited about the reunion theme of the event this year as it has been highlighted by the guaranteed buy-in option. He was very optimistic about the chance for people travelling to take part in the fall, indicating that this is the main reason why they did not run the series during their normal time slot. Either way, with the events lining up, it is safe to say that things are shaping up nicely and it will be very interesting to see how everything comes together when the events really start to roll out. Although some events might have already happened, there are many to look forward to ahead, especially when it comes to finding out the winner of the series.




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