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Where to Start with Magic The Gathering

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The Magic: The Gathering Card Game has been around since the 90s. Thirty years later, it is still as popular as ever. It has even spawned countless spinoffs, including their very own online game to keep up with the times. Magic is a very popular card game known for its addictive gameplay and diehard fan base.

Play or Collect

There are two types of ways to appreciate Magic. Those interested can be either a collector or a player. Collectors value individual cards, for the card’s rarity or for its price. They collect the cards through online bidding, personally purchasing packs, or trading with other players. The end game here is to collect and admire your work, or you can always resell them at a higher price.

Those who want to play against other people need good cards as well. Players gather and combine cards into lethal combinations that will be effective against other players. Each player must have access to at least 60 cards, which counts as one deck. Of course, veteran players have more than one deck in their arsenal.

Where to Begin

Now you may be asking yourself – how expensive would this hobby be? It depends on you. How serious do you want to delve into this game? The price of a starter deck only costs a few dollars. However, that will not get you very far – both as a collector and as a player. Starter decks are just that – an introduction to the game. It provides easy-to-understand, basic gameplay mechanics and concepts to ease you into the world of Magic. Those that want to win, or want rarity in their collections, must dig deeper.

Rarer cards will cost you. The ultra-rare and powerful cards can go up from hundreds of dollars, to the truly incredible ones that go up the thousands. Unless you have a sizeable bank account, or have recently won the lottery, it can be a very expensive hobby to maintain. Winning the lottery may make this a very easy decision though. Those playing at online casinos can use this Golden Nugget casino bonus code for a better chance at winning the big prizes.

Starting from Somewhere

To those curious about the game but do not want any serious (or expensive) commitment, simply getting the starter decks is enough. Try to get the feel for the game; check whether you are truly interested in it. Most importantly, see if you can deal with the Magic community, as you will have to deal with other players as a player or as a collector.

Starting a new hobby can get frustrating at times. A hobby like Magic can also take a toll to your wallet, so it is important to set boundaries when it comes to your spending. Most of all try to see if you are having fun with your new hobby. Always remember that you can always stop if you are not enjoying yourself. It is a hobby, after all. It should be fun for you!

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