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Today’s Trend: Taking Horror to a Whole New Level

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The Heart of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality games are one of the most fascinating and fantastic gaming genres available to the public these days. Incorporating the ability to “electronically” pick something up, run and jump and even shoot a gun has quickly become a popular pastime, but it’s when a virtual reality game includes the emotional aspect of virtual reality that the industry itself goes beyond what it is attempting to do. The physical aspect is a wonder in itself but the emotional aspect brings a whole new level to the virtual reality trend. When it comes to feeling emotion within a virtual reality game, fear lies at the heart of it all.

What Does Horror in Virtual Reality Bring to the Table?

Whereas a controller adds the feeling of being completely in control, virtual reality takes away that controlled feeling a player has. Whereas a fun game of jumping around or having a friendly shooting competition brings joy to a player’s eyes, fear in a virtual reality instead incorporates uncontrolled blood rushed scare jumps and the unnerving feeling of being chased or killed by in-game enemies.It’s like looking at a television screen, except the screen is attached to your head. The only pause button in virtual reality is by removing the technology from one’s head. The horror in virtual reality helps a player’s body produce an adrenaline rushed feeling as if the images he or she was experiencing were not virtual at all. When one applies this aspect to the medical field and its numerous studies, such experiments can be used to learn more about chemicals within the brain and their connection to the heart and body. These horror-filled games can also be useful in studies where fear plays the main factor, essentially learning about what people are truly afraid of and using that information against them in an updated version of the virtual reality realm.There is a multitude of virtual reality horror games, each with its own intricate story and play style. Tech Futurae does a wonderful job at listing any pros and cons of popular horror virtual reality games along with a synopsis of each featured game. You can visit the article here at https://www.techfuturae.com/vr/horror-games/.

Imagine having to physically run for your life instead of repeatedly pressing the “A” button. Try hacking an enemy to death using the natural motion from your arm and not pressing “square”. There is a true darkness to the world of video games and virtual reality may have captured that characteristic. Virtual reality can truly open one’s eye to the wonders that virtual reality has to offer to the base senses of human beings. There are certain aspects that virtual reality gives to the player that playing a console video game cannot fully implement and the element between physical and emotion as well as the feeling of being in control of one’s surroundings are some of those most important to the core of what it means to be human.

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