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Tips to Understand and Win Progressive Jackpot Games

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It’s time to step up your enjoyment of slot machines with a move to progressive slots but you’re daunted by the proposition. Don’t be. The reason the progressive version of slots gaming has become so popular is that it’s simple to understand and, with its promise of adding to the jackpot prize as you progress, has the potential to reward you with bigger wins.

Every bet you place is added to previous bets. This sees the jackpot accumulate. A spin of the wheel adds to your potential prize as does a reel button push. Some of the biggestjackpot slots like Lots of Loot, Mega Moolah and Treasure Nile, use the progressive form of the game to boost the top prize. Like other popular progressive games, the unique chance to increase a jackpot that’s always increasing offers an immersive, singular entertaining slot machine experience.  

What makes progressive slots different?

This form of slot machine gives players the chance to win huge jackpots. Because the prize increases by a set percentage as you play until the jackpot is won, the amount available to the winner can potentially be life-changing.

Three different kinds of progressive slots exist. Standalone slots are not network-linked and offer smaller jackpots with increased winning frequency. In-house slots are usually networked within a land-based casino’s venue, multiple venues or a casino’s online platform, offering far larger pay-outs.

However, “wide area” progressive slots, are the ones that offer life-changing sums of money. Networked across multiple casinos, these linked games see their jackpots grow as a result of hundreds or thousands of players supplementing the top prize. A win can potentially be in the millions. The only drawback is the pay-out frequency is very low.

How to win playing progressive slots

Winning a progressive slots game could change your life. Jonathan Heywood, a player from Cheshire, won £13.2 million on Mega Moolah and an American player won $9.2 million on the same game. The Mega Fortune slots game once paid out €17,861,800, the biggest jackpot prize on record.

Winning is, of course, about luck. However, there are ways to increase your chances. Research the games that haven’t dropped in a while. These game’s jackpots are overdue and a pay-out could be imminent. Look out for jackpots that are higher than others across a casino’s progressive slots games as these will indicate which ones are closer to paying out.

Whilst playing it’s good to know that the jackpot is always available with the max bet allowed. Don’t get caught out being frugal with your budget as betting low and winning the jackpot could see you missing out on a significant pot of cash. Your bankroll will determine the games you decide to play. If you’re willing to risk more, and you can risk more, you’re in with a better chance of getting your hands on the biggest prize.

As online casinos often have bonus offers for new members, consider using these for progressive slots games to maximise your potential to winning while cutting your losses.

Most players of progressive slots will come from a background of enjoying the higher probability of small jackpot wins playing traditional video or classic physical slot machines. But progressive games are a fun alternative with the promise of a far greater prize. You won’t get regular pay-outs with these popular slots games but one would be enough to change most people’s lives.

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