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Are Roulette Prediction Devices Working?

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Roulette prediction devices are cheating methods that if used correctly and in specific circumstances, they might work. In this article, we will detail everything there is to know about them, and if it is a proper thing to use when roulette gambling.

How do Roulette prediction devices work?

Firstly, there are so many different types of devices, but the most common one all share the same element, a button you have to press on at a certain time in the game so that it can record it and make some prediction upon it.

You will need to click on your reference point every time the zero and the magic ball go past that. The trick is that the time that goes between the click will increase in the same time the ball decreases its speed. This information is all the computer needs to calculate and predict where the ball will eventually land.

Is the Roulette prediction device safe to use?

This is a question that really appears in the minds of us all. Can the casino see that you are cheating? If you would play the online roulette version of the game than it would be simple because there is no one there to see you. But, because we are talking about the land-based casino environment, things are a little bit different. The truth is that you have to be quite inventive about the place you hide your button in. We heard of people that got it in their shoe, or under their clothes and even between their teeth so the options are plenty.

Wherever you choose to place is, it have to feel comfortable, as you’ll be pressing it many times during the game. If you miss the timing, your predictions will be all wrong and you might even mistakenly draw attention to yourself.

Then, once the prediction is complete, the result will be communicated to you through an earpiece. The trick is to bet on the number predicted but also its neighbors so that you make sure you get it right. As it is a computer, it can easily get an error and it would be a pity to lose your bet. When the croupier releases the ball, there are only fifteen seconds for you to hear the predicted number and place your bet.

With some exercise, you will earn an advantage over the house and be able to increase your bankroll slowly but surely.

There are countries in which the use of roulette prediction devices is legal. To find out if this is the case in the area where you’re playing, you need to check this information with the local gambling commission, just to make sure you’re not outside the law.

Even if the prediction system isn’t illegal, the land-based casino will not like this particular procedure. Accordingly, you will be kicked out of the establishment or even banned from entering again in a limited or unlimited period of time, as well as in other casinos all over the country.

The downfall is that if you use a roulette prediction device, the way you place your bets (after the ball is released) is always the same an very suspicious for the right pair of eyes. Even if you place some random bets from now and again, you will still get all your winnings on the hands placed after the releasing of the ball.

This is the moment when we underline the danger of using this methods, especially in areas where it’s illegal and you could end up in jail.

Do roulette prediction devices work on the online casino platforms?

The answer is unfortunately no. If it would have been a very safe environment to use it in, the reason it doesn’t work is because you don’t have the time to measure the speed of the ball. Those 15 seconds that we’ve been talking about are crucial to these kind of cheating devices.

All the respectable online casinos will ask you to bet beforehand, so it makes it impossible to get the predictions.


We hope that with this article you got an idea about how roulette prediction devices work, how to use them and you also decided if you are going for it or not. Our personal opinion is to base your gaming on the pure luck that mother nature gave to you and you shall be much happier this way.

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