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The Pains In Games: Gamer’s Struggles

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For all their bad reputation, video games are also attracting a lot of positive attention for their positive influence on mental health issues. Indeed, playing games can help you to relieve stress, especially at the end of a long day. Contrary to the common belief, violent video games have no bearing on individual violence. In fact, most gamers would agree that playing violent games makes them a calmer person in real life, as they are able to use the interactive platform to get rid of tensions. Additionally, the brain registers gaming as an activity that increases the attention and reward-seeking behavior, which are essential cognitive patterns to fight depression off. But, it doesn’t mean that there is no pain in games. In fact, most gamers come across frustrating obstacles that can ruin the playful experience.

Moving with the game

The most enthusiastic gamers have been delighted when virtual reality technology was developed for the gaming sector. While the first VR headsets required to apply for a mortgage to be able to enhance your gaming experience, you can now find high-quality equipment at a more than affordable price. Mobile headsets are not only comfortable to wear, but they also offer the expected in-depth experience. Except that VR technology comes at a price, and it is namely motion sickness. Indeed, feelings of dizziness and nausea can occur when the brain is confused about recording motion while not moving the body.

When your device is not up to date

What is worse than setting your laptop to play and suddenly encountering an error message that states the device is unable to connect to nvidia? In the gaming world, graphics card errors are frequent and can ruin the experience of a game.

Fortunately, in most cases, using an outdated version of your program might explain the issue, and can be solved by installing the latest version. But sometimes things are not as simple.

Disappointing games

Not all games are amazing. But not many have received such negative reviews as Heavy Rain. The PS3 and PS4 game takes the player at the heart of a murder investigation where you manage a variety of characters.

However, what seemed like a complex plot at the start revealed disappointing in the end. For a start, gamers felt betrayed when one of the characters they played turned out to be the killer. Additionally, the voice acting has been heavily criticized for being emotionless. Needless to say, the abundance of negative reviews of the game speaks volumes.

Internet ruins the mission

So, you’re all set to play but somehow the game takes forever to load, and it completely kills the mood. Slow Internet issues can transform a stress-relieving experience into a nightmare. While you can change the way you connect to the Internet, by using multiple connection ports instead of one, the truth remains that a slow broadband connection needs to be improved to make the most of your gaming experience. After all, nobody likes a mission to fail because the screen didn’t load on time.

Managing the pains in games is at the core of a positive gaming experience. The bottom line is that when you play for fun, you should take no chances. Fun demands, after all, the right equipment and the best gaming options.

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