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OMG! RPG Just Got Massive

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, the emergence of RPG games seemingly taking over the planet won’t have gone unnoticed. Role playing games have been around for decades with Dungeons and Dragons still remaining as popular today as it was twenty years ago. Coupled with the explosion of interconnectivity and WiFi, individuals can now play these role playing games with like-minded people from across the globe. Take a look at the best RPGs that you can take a foray into at the moment.

Final Fantasy 15

Yes, it’s the fifteenth incarnation of this classic RPG. Final Fantasy has always had the knack of combining excellent gameplay as well as awesome graphics and an all-encompassing story arc. With a huge open world environment and action packed battle segments, this game caters for those who love strategy as much as those who enjoy the fighting sequences. On Eos, you need to secure the safety of a magical crystal. You can choose to play as many characters and enter into a multiplayer mode should you wish to embark on a journey with other fellow gamers.

Runescape 3

This online RPG is medieval in its setting. There are a ridiculous amount of options to customize your own gameplay including creating your own avatar and selecting your own quests. With a kingdom divided into different realms and regions, you can choose to play as part of a team, or you could take on challenges alone. Facing monsters and fearsome creatures, it is up to you to earn as much gold as possible. If this sounds too much like hard work, you could choose to head over to the 4RS gold shop to purchase some to boost your credentials.


A game that has an added level of sophistication and taps into the popular culture movement of all things supernatural, Vampyr allows you to play as a blood sucking creature in Edwardian London. With a touch of the paranormal Sherlock Holmes about it, you need to discover a cure for a flu of epidemic proportions. The gameplay is slick, the graphics are novel and the concept highly original. There are no random characters in this game. Every 2D person, even one that you stumble across in a London bar, has a story to tell. The lack of generic gameplay makes this world immersive and mind blowing. If you’re sick of the usual ghouls and orcs, Vampyr could be the RPG that gives you the breath of fresh air that you’ve been looking for. You can choose to play as an evil vampire a la Dracula or play a more Edward Cullen type role.

While beat ‘em ups, platform games, and first person shooters are still the go-to games for cool bods, role-playing games are seeing a resurgence and not just amongst the geeks of the world. With added gameplay, the quality of graphics and the ability to link up with others online to fulfill quests, battle monsters and save the world, there has never been a better time to become immersed in the mythical world of an RPG.

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