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Gaming on the Go

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Home is where your gaming needs are met. It is where your gadgets connect automatically to reliable Wi-Fi. It is where you are free to use your consoles and PC to your heart’s content. However, for those who travel a lot, playing video games during the trip is still viable.

Gaming on the go would require you to purchase certain items and accessories. Some are cheap, while others would require funds that are a lot more significant. In fact, those on a tight budget may not be able to enjoy some of these gaming platforms. Apart from winning the lottery, you would have to burn a hole through your savings to acquire some of these gadgets. Still, those interested in the more expensive parts of mobile gaming can always try their luck, and sign up with the Michigan Lottery Promo Code and hope for the best. Everyone else, on the other hand, should try to stick to a budget they are comfortable with.

Mobile Gaming

The first and most common way to play games on the go is through mobile phones. While you will not be expecting a 100-hour gameplay experience, you still get games one can enjoy for a few minutes at a time. With mobile phones’ specs improving every year, they are even starting to compete with PC gaming – although the battery life is still an issue.

The more impressive the game’s requirements, the faster it drains the battery. For someone trying to keep their phones alive while traveling, that is one big no-no. Playing on the road through phones is doable, but one cannot do it continuously. Bringing along a power bank can lengthen your gameplay experience considerably.

Gaming Laptops

Laptops are a more expensive alternative to gaming on the road. Laptops, at its most basic form, can run simple games while boasting a battery life that can reach upwards of ten hours per charge. For a more enhanced gaming experience, you can acquire laptops with powerful graphics cards that can match even a gaming PC’s specs.

Nintendo’s Arsenal

A middle ground between cheaper phones and expensive laptops is a handheld console. The Nintendo Switch, as well as its older siblings, can give you great choices. Nintendo’s GameBoy as well as the DS offer many games for the road. The older types run on Double-A batteries, while new ones have their own built-in rechargeable power supplies. Older Nintendo handheld consoles also have the upside of having the nostalgia factor in effect whenever you play.

GAEMS Vanguard

Those that travel a lot can also get the GAEMS Vanguard for their gaming needs. The Vanguard is an all-in-one package meant for those gamers that are never home. It has its own screen and controller along with the console itself. It is encased inside a very sturdy briefcase, which can fit easily in any storage space, such as the luggage compartment. To players who simply love their console games (Playstation, Xbox) but travel a lot, this is the perfect solution for your needs.

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