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Game Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

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Gambling addiction is one of the most severe vices in humans. The illusion of instant money can easily plunge you into deep and irreparable ruin financially and health wise. In reality, the odds will never be in favor of a player regardless of the type of game. And gambling is a flourishing industry mainly because the house is the winner always.

Gambling addiction happens when a person falsely assumes that it is possible to earn a lump sum amount instantly by gambling. But this is not so. Gambling becomes a vicious cycle where a player tries to get back his or her losses and continues until he or she goes into rehabilitation to break the vicious habit.

Gambling addiction is not restricted to any single game like cards, slot machines or lottery. Betting among friends, raffle tickets etc. too can become addictive.

Why Does Addiction Occur?

There are multiple reasons for addiction to gambling including

  • Desperation to get money
  • A desire to experience the thrill of casino gambling
  • Craving to attain the social status attached to successful gamblers

Common Signs of Gambling

The signs connected to other addictions are also found in gambling addicts. Some of the common signs are

  • Hiding the gambling
  • Finding it difficult to control gambling habit
  • Indulging in gambling even when money is not sufficient
  • Family and friends find your gambling habit a cause for concern
  • The most obvious sign of addiction is the feeling of being unable to stop gambling. You will feel anxious when quitting

Symptoms Seen In Gambling Addiction

Emotional symptoms include depression, anxiety and also suicidal tendencies and even attempts to kill themselves. The loss in gambling will leave the person devastated and hopeless.

Physical symptoms of gambling include weight gain or loss, sleep deprivation, acne and more.

Short and Long Term Effects

Gambling has far reaching effects on a person addicted to it. And these include short and long term effects.

Addiction to gambling also leads to addictions of other types in an effort to cope with the stress related to gambling. These include addiction to alcohol, drugs and various other activities which help the addicts to face the anxiety cause by the gambling.

Even if financial ruin does not occur, the person may become addicted to smoking, alcohol and drugs in an effort to cope with the stress associated with gambling. Further relationships are damaged permanently due to gambling.

Treatment for Gambling Addiction

Although there is no direct treatment to treat gambling, there are medications prescribed to take care of the depression and anxiety associated with gambling and caused by the gambling. Antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications are usually prescribed to treat gambling addiction. Treatment of these symptoms can help break the addiction and cause the individual to lead a normal life.

Quitting gambling is as difficult as quitting any other addiction. But it is still possible, if the individual gets appropriate help via support groups and treatment programs. Assistance from professionals and support from family and friends are important for full recovery.

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