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Complete Guide on CS:GO Skins

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There are many skins available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it can be confusing for the novice player to understand the value of each one without detailed research. This guide is about to disclose several details on the CS skins.

However, if you have skins you do not really need you can sell those in https://skinsmarket.com/ store which offers fair prices for all kinds of skins available in CS:GO.

What Should You Know About CS:GO Weapon Skins?

CS:GO weapon skins offer redesign of the weapons we have already seen many times. You should know a couple of things about those:

  • Skins do not grant any bonuses to damage of the weapon or any other bonus – it is just a cosmetic redesign developed to make the game look better. There is no way to buy better weapon using this feature.
  • Skins are divided by rarity – the rarer skins are, the better they seem to be, and you can take the higher price for them when selling on a skin market.
  • One of the rarest items among all are skins of knives – those have unique animation and it is hard to get those.
  • Only overall appearance of guns changes and depends on skins – there is no difference in size, shape, or function.
  • If you have the StatTrak version of skins you will get the number of kills by your weapon automatically tracked – that’s a very cool item for making weapon more valuable.
  • You can get free skins after the game is ended or the map is changed; however, you usually get low level skins so those are not really valuable.
  • There are marketplaces and exchange stocks existing to sell, buy or exchange skins.

Ways To Acquire Skins In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

When you play on the official server of the game you get free random set of skins at the end of each match which allows you to increase the number of skins dramatically as long as you play the game. Sometimes you get cases with the random content and you need keys to unlock those. Those keys can only be bought in the Steam market. You can also trade or exchange the case if you want. Each week you get a specified number of drops per account, so you can get valuable items rather often if you want to – just buy the keys.


It is not necessary to have skins or even use them; you can use the base design, however, when using skins the gaming experience becomes even better as you get involved more into the gaming process. And if you want to get cash for your skins you can sell those easily, getting more for rarer skins in your account.

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