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A Noob’s Guide to Buying Video Games

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Back in the old days, you had to line up to stores and pay for game discs to be able to play a game. Now, it is as simple as clicking purchase on your screen and waiting for your download to complete. It is truly a different time, and games are easier to purchase and play than ever before. While convenience is no longer an issue, price is still a big barrier when it comes to getting that game you want.

The Price of Happiness

Games these days can go as high as $50 – some games even charge that much for their DLCs alone. Other items on the price lists are season passes, microtransactions, and even soundtracks. For fans of a game, these items are necessary to enjoy the game fully. But, not everyone can pay for it all at the game’s release date. For those with limited funding, you may have to do a bit of work to get the games they want.

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Looking Out for the Sales

The best way to get the most out of your wallet is to wait for sales. Steam for example holds sales multiple times a year. These sales often showcase mainstream games at upwards of 90% discounts. Sales like these come and go in other sites and platforms as well – all you have to do is to watch out for the dates. Gaming sales also offer bundles that give you more games for less payment. Those wanting multiple games should keep an eye out, save their money, and purchase in one go when prices are at their lowest.

Outside of these main sales, online stores also offer discount codes and other giveaways for their keen eyed customers. All you have to do is look for promos around sites.

The Waiting Game

The most passive thing you can do is to wait – how long, it can be very tough to tell. The truly patient gamers often hold out for years before pulling the trigger and buying their game.

Waiting years after a game’s release also has its advantages, so you may want to check it out. Withholding purchase for a year or two often gives you the chance to hear what others have to say about the game. By that point, you would already know if the game is worth playing or not. Waiting that long also gives you the option to buy the Game of the Year version, which usually includes all its DLCs for a discounted price. While it may take a long time to acquire, the waiting would give you plenty of time to think. Often, purchasing a game at full price leads to buyer’s remorse. Doing your research ensures that it will never happen.

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