Gambling in the Star Wars Universe

Stars Wars is an ideal mix of nature and science fiction. The series revolves around games of chance. Anyone who has not seen Star Wars movies will not associate Gambling with the franchise. But a true fan will know how many Sci-fi characters gamble. There have been several movies that show Gambling in one way or another. However, The Last Jedi introduces an entire gambling planet to the Star Wars universe.

Over the years, Star Wars has expanded from TV shows, movies, comedy, and games, as well as its universe. Although it presents a very different reality from ours, there are always similarities, one of which is Gambling. Gambling is depicted in several forums throughout the series. In The Last Jedi film, a new gambling planet, Cantonica was launched, covered by the city of Canto Bight.

There are several games depicted in the Star Wars Universe, and they include;


Gambling in Star Wars is like Gambling on earth. The Swoop Gambling held at Canto Bight is like horse racing, or Formula 1. Pod racing, considered the fastest speed test, involves many dangers and risks. Anakin is a pod racer, and where there is a race.

Slot machines

Star Wars slot machines on earth ceased with great sadness and were remembered in casinos a few years ago when Disney bought a franchise.

Card games

Sabacc is one of the card games widely known in the Star Wars universe. It resembles blackjack, which is a game of luck and skill. There are 60 cards in the pack consisting of four suits, each with 15 cards. The player was closest to 23 wins. This is a match that fans will remember when Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon in Lando Calrissian. Not forgetting Han’s line, “Never tell me the odds.” However relaxed it may sound, this is the worst gambling advice ever.

Gold Dice

When Han won the Millennium Falcon, he played Corellian Spike, a Sabacc version that uses dice in place of cards. Dice appears several times on Last Jedi. First, when Luke takes the dice as a reminder of Han, only because of his deception to Leia on Crait. Then, they reappeared in Kylo Ren’s hands, but we find that they were thinking about this moment, acting as Han’s reminder to instill a deep sense of remorse in Kylo.

Interestingly, the gold dice were initially similar to those found on earth, with numbers varying from one to six.


You can call it space chess or holochess, Dejarik is a unique gambling game found on one of the real CasinoDeps websites and in the Star Wars galaxy. It is an exciting game seen many times in the Star Wars franchise movies. People think that the notion of the game is like chess. Dejarik was played on a hologram checkboard, where holomonsters replaced knights, soldiers, and other chess elements.

Holomonsters are nothing but a hologram of different beasts and mythical and real creatures like the Molator, Grimtaash, Mantelian Savrip, and many others. The gambling game first appeared on “A New Hope,” where Chewbacca played the Dejarik gambling game for R2D2. The Kintan Strider Death Gambit, Shadow Hunter, Millennium Falcon, and a few other scenes from Star Wars include this Chess gambling game, Dejarik.

This is a strategy game, as the Kintan Strider Death Gambit strategy was used to remove at least one holomonster. This engaging Gambling is so interesting that people are trying to imitate the Dejarik game to be played by Star Wars Fans.


Pazaak is an excellent card game that is easy and hard to gamble. The goal of the players is to get closer to number twenty. A player with a number close to 20 or equal to twenty wins the game, and winning three times contributes to winning the game.

The game is unadorned but very sophisticated as there are many types of cards to consider in a game that includes number one to ten deck cards, minus cards, plus cards, double cards, side desk cards, flip cards, plus-minus cards, and tiebreaker cards. Pazaak is very addictive, especially when there is its prize. Pazaak is an old Star Wars game. It was first introduced to the Knights of the Old Republic and its sequence. There are many online varieties and video games available online.

If you like watching Star Wars, you will want to know more about the relationship between movies and Gambling. The above-listed games are the most featured and famous in the Star Wars universe. You can find similar visual information in online casinos and play online free slots of the games highlighted in the actual film. You can even win real money by Gambling in the same way or at least in the same way as Han Solo and other characters from the franchise.




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