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Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenade

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I don’t know why would someone give it such a horrible name, but in fact it is a survival kit with lots of basic survival tools for hunters, hikers, campers, or anyone else who may find themselves in the wild outdoors or in other emergency situations. It is the ultimate portable, lightweight, compact personal survival kit that can be carried conveniently on your belt or attached to your backpack. 

The Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenade includes 27 implements that include a knife blade, steel shackle, heavy duty spring link, compass, wire saw, fire making and fishing supplies. In addition there is a small pencil and write-in-the-rain paper, safety pins, needle and thread, whistle, duct tape and water purification salts.

A glow-in-the-dark pull cord can even be seen in low light and no light conditions. Once deployed, it will reveal the unravel starting point and speed up unraveling. The waterproof fully laminated, Z.A.P.S Gear Survival Grenade User’s Guide describes how to use each of the included tools in a survival situation and lists additional survival tips for anyone who needs to use the survival kit but may not have had survival training.

A word of caution though; use it in extreme situations because just like a self-rescuer in underground mining, the kit once opened cannot be put back together by the user. However the manufacturer promises to send you a replacement free of charge if you send it back to them and share your life saving experience.

The Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenade is $75.

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