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World’s Most Expensive USB by Shawish

Shawish USB stick

Although I love my 32-GB flash drive that cost me under $40, but for those with deep pockets there is the world’s most expensive USB flash drive. It is a tiny mushroom made of 18K gold and encrusted with jewels. Created by Swiss luxury jewellers, Shawish (creators of the world’s first all-diamond ring), you can own some elegant “gadgets” depending on how much you are willing to pay for. The cheapest one is covered in diamonds and pink sapphires, and will cost you $16,500 US. The most expensive one is the emerald-coated mushroom that will cost you $37,000 US. In the middle of the line is ruby-and-diamond version for $24,400 US. Check them out at shawish-jewellery.com.

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