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What is KNOPS?

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Knops are an analog year plug that comes with adjustable settings. If you regularly wear earplugs to prevent hearing loss, for sleeping or a variety of other reasons, Knops could be a revolutionary new system that you could try to have more control over your hearing solution.

These ergonomic fit earplugs offer analog hearing solutions for your own personal control. Each of the earplugs has access to settings for your hearing. You can have a clear sound option for carrying out conversations, with one other click, you can cut out city noise and ambient noise, with another adjustment you can have the perfect setting for live music and with the final adjustment you can have a 30 dB sound reduction for perfect isolation on a flight or in a louder environment.

With traditional earplugs, it’s very difficult to get access to a product that will let you easily hear if you need to carry on a conversation or make quick adjustments. KNOPS ensures that you can make adjustments on the fly in here exactly when you need to.

The Knops earphones are also highly customizable. You can change the color of the material to black or white, the ring material for the adjuster as well as some of the other materials found on each of the plugs. With the option to design the look of your earplugs you can have a product that actually resembles your own style and looks like a stylish pair of earphones.

If you don’t regularly wear earplugs because you do not enjoy the look of them, KNOPS can present a solution that is much better for wearing discreetly in public. KNOPS your plugs are also extremely easy-to-use and they can deliver a much greater level of flexibility for protecting your hearing or helping you enjoy the world around you more comfortably.

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