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What Is A Life Clock?

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In today’s time, technology has advanced to the extent that we have smart wear available in the market today. Smart wear, or e-clothing as it is also called, is essentially clothing that comes with added features that enhance its performance or aesthetic value. We can use smart wear for a range of different purposes, from helping us track our health and fitness, to bringing with it a first aid kit that is compact and portable. Some types of smart wear can even play music, record videos or voice commands, and activate lights that improve its aesthetic appeal.

One example of this is the new product out in the market called Life Clock. Meant to be used as a disaster management kit, Life Clock comes with a myriad of different features that can help you quickly prepare for and manage any situation in case there is a disaster. These can help you out in all kinds of situations, and it makes this device extremely handy to keep in your house in case anything unforeseen happens and you have to deal with a disaster on your end.

Life Clock comes with a compact disaster preparation kit. Invented by the Gyeonggido Company which was originally established to support SMEs in South Korea, in the Gyeonggi province, Life Clock was created by 18 SMEs through collaboration in SWNA design studio.

Life Clock comes with basic tools for relief that you can use in the case of disaster. When packed, it simply looks like an extremely sleek and stylish clock for your living room that you can keep in your home to add a modern look to any living place. However, once you unpack it, you will find the five most important tools you need to prepare for and avert any unforeseen inconvenience as a result of a disaster.

Life Clock comes with five basic selected relief goods, ICE (in case of emergency) card, and a disaster and safety manual that has been created meticulously with the experts in disaster safety, aid, and emergency treatment. It contains an emergency chemical light, an emergency rescue whistle, an emergency blanket in case of a fire if it is needed to wrap the wounded with the blanket, a compressed bandage, and a flag. By keeping this clock in your living room, you can enjoy the peace of mind that having a disaster relief kit right in front of you gives you.

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