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The Permanent Match – Different Take on Traditional Fire Matches

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I’m not a smoker but I have a small collection of interesting lighters that catch my attention from time to time. One of my latest lighters was ordered from China and it features a green flame. It’s nothing fancy but it’s different. Lighters are great and all but there’s still something I like about striking a fire match and lighting it up. The sound, the flame, and the smoke give it a nostalgic feel. Here we have a different take on traditional matches and it’s called the Permanent Match.

The Perfect Match is an aesthetically pleasing metal match which you are able to light up again and again…up to 15 thousand times! Pretty cool, eh?

The match is made out of stainless steel and is waterproof making it the perfect tool for your survival pack (if you have such a thing). It can be used as a keychain and is ideal for camping and trips out into the wild. Man has survived and thrived thanks to fire and I think knowing how to start a fire is very important (with or without tools).

The Perfect Match uses lighter fluid which is stored inside a chamber. Simply dip the wick in the lighter fluid and strike it along the flint. And just like that, you have a beautiful little flame at the end of the metal stick. It’s good for up to 15,000 strikes so it should last you quite some time. Even if you don’t go camping, it’s still cool if you want to light up a BBQ using this Permanent Match. Available for $13.98 from Trend Owner or you can buy a lot of 3 from AliExpress for $12.99 including free shipping!

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