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The best manual coffee grinder is waiting

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Coffee is the lifeblood of everyone I know and frankly, everyone needs a good cup of joe to start the day. The best cup of coffee is crucial to getting your day started with some level of sanity. Some people absolutely adore the French press method of making coffee. Others are enamored with the process of pour over coffee a method requiring the manual pouring of 200-degree water over perfectly ground coffee beans inside a filter atop a beautifully minimalistic carafe. Still, others will insist that the percolating of a classic Italian percolator is the path to true coffee nirvana.

All of these require the same things, Clean clear water at the right temperature, a high-quality filter, and evenly ground perfectly roasted coffee beans. Electric grinders are excellent for expediency, and manual grinders are normally better for portability. The trick being that neither manual nor electric grinders are likely to produce coffee ground that is uniform in shape and size due to the inconsistencies of the grinding apparatuses in each appliance. To ensure the most perfect and uniform sizing of those ground beans a stabilized burr grinder is the perfect solution to craft the easiest extraction of life-giving beans.

As hipster as it may feel to consistently seek excellence in your morning coffee, I can’t think of any possible way to make the daily “grind” more bearable than to ensure that you are enjoying the best-made cup of brown colored potion that you possibly can. Delicate floral or fruit notes combined with a light touch of milk or sugar lead to a morning cup lifting the spirits and letting you start the day right and proper. Here’s to you my caffeine addicted friend.

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