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Teasmade Alarm Clock

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Teasmade were once common in the United Kingdom and some of its former colonies. Although crude versions existed in Victorian times, they only became practical with the availability of electric versions in the 1930s. They reached their peak in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, since which time their use has declined, but they are now enjoying a revival, thanks to the technology.

This one includes an alarm clock and is designed to be used at the bedside, to ensure tea is ready first thing in the morning. It boils 20 oz. (two cups) of water in about 4 minutes – and then automatically pours it into the teapot. Once the tea is ready and poured into the teapot, the clock makes beeping sounds to wake you up. The cups can be placed conveniently on a flat tray that fits on top of the unit.

You may not enjoy your hot cup of tea if you forget to put the teabag or forget to put the water in the tank, although the regular wake-up alarm will still sound.

Your Tea Maid, Teasmade Alarm Clock is $79.99.

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