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Tap – The Wearable Keyboard, Mouse and More

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This device takes the modern wearable technology to the next level. It consists of a series of loosely connected rings that connect to your phone or other portable devices over Bluetooth. In essence it is a Virtual Reality keyboard that converts your finger movements into letters and numbers. Tap has sensors for each of your five fingers. When you tap them on a solid surface it can tell which fingers are tapping and it turns those motions into text input. A single finger tap is a vowel, and combinations of fingers create the other letters. Tap can also judge your hand’s movement in space and therefore work as a sort of mouse, VR or game controller. Although you cannot type as fast as a real keyboard but it is the next best thing in virtual typing. Once you get a hang of it then it is pretty straight forward to use.

With all the high tech features it is still a dumb looking piece of jewelry to wear. The battery life is around 8 hours with continuous use. This geeky jewelry will cost you $179.

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