Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker

With the increase in temperature and humidity, one is bound to have a sweaty body; however, sweat is not as much embarrassing as the odour is. The worst part here is, you won’t even know when your body starts generating unpleasant smell, though it’s right under your nose. It’s mostly your friends, colleagues or people you travel with, who can smell it easily yet cannot tell you directly.

How about we tell you that there is a gadget that can keep your body odour in check, even the fragrances? Well, Japan’s Tanita handheld body smell checker claims to have the ability to detect the amount of smell coming from your body. Good or bad, any smell that is overwhelming, can distract a lot of people. Therefore, it is important to use the correct amount of deodorants and frequently keep your body odour in check.

This new technology comes with a sensor that is somewhat like the ones we find in breathalysers. However, this particular device detects the chemical compounds that are found in unpleasant smell, most of which comes from armpits and areas that have sweat glands.

If you aren’t aware of the neck odour, you need to go back and think of how the sweat around your neck has been spoiling your shirts’ collars. That’s where the germs sit and generate unpleasant smell. It might not be as strong and unbearable as the sweat from the armpits, but it’s odour after all and needs to be considered checking.

Using Tanita handheld body odour checker is pretty easy and convenient. It is small and portable, so you can carry it anywhere you want. You only need to turn it on, flip the sensor out and point it close to the part of your body that sweats a lot. Once this is done, the device takes about 10 seconds to display the intensity of your body odour on a scale of 0-10.

Anything in between 1-4 is pretty okay because we all use perfumes and deodorants, and a very little amount of smell is not noticeable as well. Your concern starts from 5-7 because that is when you either need a shower, need replenishing your deodorant, or need to tone down your fragrance. But, 8-10 is quite self-explanatory because that means to convey that you are stinking!

While on a conversation, one of the things that distracts attention is body odour. Imagine having an important tête-à-tête, where the other person is trying to breathe less, to avoid your body odour! That is one of the worst things you’d want publicly. Also, the next time you meet the same person, you might be either ignored or avoided for long talks (just saying).

There is no way you can smell yourself before heading out, and you’re quite accustomed to your body smell, so your odor may not even pull your attention. If you are someone who keeps personal hygiene on priority, this little magic pocket gizmo is all you need to have.

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