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After I Switched to Vaping, Black Note E-Juice Was Music to My Ears

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When I smoked cigarettes, I used to lovingly roll my own using specially-picked tobacco blends. That made it tough when for health reasons, I switched to vaping. Sure, I was saving my lungs, but I missed the taste and smell of my hand-rolled cigarettes.

The selection of e-juice was laughable. If I didn’t want some sickening “Blue Raspberry Sourblast” flavor or something that was supposed to resemble the flavor of a cinnamon bun, my only option was a chemical-laden, generic “Tobacco” flavor. No, thanks.

Just as I was ready to switch back to combustible cigarettes, I stumbled upon some of the most amazing tobacco e-liquid imaginable. The first thing I noticed about Black Note e-juice is that its claim to fame is that it actually tastes like tobacco.

I wasn’t convinced. In my mind, there was no chemical flavor mix that was going to taste like the high-quality tobacco blends I loved. Upon doing a bit of research, however, I learned that Black Note gets its flavor profiles not from mixing chemical flavors up in a lab, but from putting actual tobacco blends through a cold maceration process to extract their essences. The essences are extracted in Italy and put in the bottle in California.

I was intrigued. Was it possible that this could be the best e-juice I’d never heard of? It helped that they had a tobacco-only lineup that sounded absolutely fantastic. No “Honeydew Strawberry Mishmash” here! Black Note’s tobacco flavors, described as a “symphony of tobacco blends,” run the gamut from Prelude, a Virginia tobacco blend, to Sonata, a Cavendish tobacco blend.

I started out with a 30 ml bottle of their Legato e-juice. Made from a blend of Kentucky tobaccos, I chose it because I wanted something that would be full-bodied and earthy.

The first thing I noticed was the high-quality packaging; each bottle arrives carefully ensconced in a beautiful cardboard tube as though it’s a high-end bottle of Scotch. The contents of the bottle itself lived up to the expectations set by the packaging. Nutty, smooth, and with a hint of natural sweetness, the Legato was beyond enjoyable.

Next, I tried the Forte – a blend of Burley tobacco. It promised a subtle sweetness and did not disappoint. As with the Legato, the Forte had a fantastic aftertaste.

Which one will I order next? I’m torn between ordering more of the Legato and trying something new. No matter what, though, Black Note is the only e-juice for me – or any tobacco connoisseur-turned-vaper, for that matter.

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