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The SoundBoks – Loudest Speaker On The Block

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The days of carrying a boombox around with you took a hiatus for a number of years but they did eventually return. But its reemergence was not the same as it used to be with tiny portable speakers that looked pretty but had no “umphh” behind them. Enter the SoundBoks “portable” speaker. 

When they say portable, they mean 33lb portable. Although heavy, it does pack quite the punch. The SoundBoks features high SPL speaker units and a powerful class-d amps for volume as high as 119db and a range of 100 yards. The unit is designed to look like a concert speaker and case design is built using quality Birchwood material and aluminum casing.  This means that the SoundBoks can withstand the shock from a three-foot free fall although it’s not recommended to test such a silly thing.

The Lifepo4 battery cells enable the SoundBoks to provide quality sound for 100 hours of average playing time on ‘Power Save’ mode and 50 hours on ‘Boost Mode’. It’s also weather resistant and can handle a wide range of temperatures. It’s easy plug-n-play with either Bluetooth connectivity or Aux. The SoundBoks is available for $899.

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