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Smarterware – World’s First Smart Food Storage System

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We’ve all been there, throwing out food because we let it sit too long in the fridge and never got around to eating it. People use Tupperware to help food last longer but the problem is forgetting about it. This is where Smarterware can be very useful. This smart food storage system makes sure you don’t forget about the food in the fridge! How cool is that?

According to NRDC (National Resources Defense Council), Americans waste about 40% of the food they purchase which equals to about $2,000 each year for the average family. The Smarterware by Ovie is a smart food storage system. Each container has a tag that changes color as the time passes. If the tag is green, the food is still fresh. The color yellow indicates that you should probably think about eating it or doing something with the food or ingredients (depending on what you tagged). And the color red indicates that the time has passed and you should toss it in the compost.

You can program the tags so the system knows exactly what food is in the container. Once the tag starts to approach the yellow phase, the system can also give you ideas of what to do with the food so you won’t have to toss it. The Smarterware by Ovie is currently being funded on Kickstarter and is set to ship out in February of next year (2019). The pre-order kits start at $75. The system currently works with Alexa but the plan is to make it compatible with all smart speakers.

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