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Why the Samsung Galaxy 8 Rocks

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A few interesting figures first!

  • 97% of people in the UK own a mobile device
  • 64% of those people have a smartphone
  • 46% of those smartphone are Android devices

Finally this month saw Samsung taking the wraps off it widely anticipated Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus flagship models with both handsets up for pre-ordering following months of leaks, rumours and speculation about what the phone would eventually be.

It may be because the of the extra time speculators had after the phones release date was delayed, but surely the Galaxy S8 is one of the most heavily rumoured devices to date? If we put the Galaxy Note 7 to one side, is the Galaxy S8 worth the wait?

Apparently so!

The design of the new phones begins from the inside out with content being the operative word. Appearance wise the device has no bezel making this the biggest and most immersive screen of any Galaxy smartphones of the same size.

The infinity display boasts an end to end screen that curls about the phones sides, forming a continuous smooth surface. This makes the feel and look of the device incredibly sleek and smooth with no bumps or angles. The screen slips into the aluminum shell and the whole devices is aesthetically pleasing.

We have come to rely on our smartphones for so many daily tasks plus many people use them for entertainment whilst on their lunch break or enforced waiting before travel.

Not only do we use our phones to pay bills, browse and shop, and then pay for goods or services but we use our smartphones for watching movies, playing games and play online roulette at FruityKing.co.uk. The gambling industry now owes a third of its total revenues to mobile online gambling so having a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8 Plus with increased efficiency can only mean that games will yet again improve.

So What’s Inside?

Both smartphones have 12MP rear cameras and an 8MP front camera.

Security is ramped up with iris scanning as no two irises are the same your phones and its contents are totally private to you.

Both the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are driven by the world’s first 10 nm processor making the devices fast, powerful and also this increases the battery efficiency. You are also able to expand the storage capacity and able to work through adverse rain and dust with an IP68 rated performance.

Both phones can also be submerged in one and a half meters of water for up to half an hour.

Bixby is the way that you interact with your phone and is in effect your own personal assistant which can understand text, tap and talk. Bixby will also search for you if you show it what you want by opening up your camera app.

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have been designed to capture more of the mobile market by being more accessible for everyone, and with this in mind both devices have a considered package of technical solutions so that most people can get the best from the phones capabilities.

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Michael a lee April 17, 2017 at 10:57 am

How can I preorder this phone


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