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Ruggie- the alarm clock that compels you to stand

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In the contemporary world where the lot is especially well thought-out, and all and sundry wants to be punctual, having an alarm clock to wake you up is a necessity. Alarm clocks have been in existence for many centuries, and we obviously cannot deny how helpful such can be. A majority of people would never wake up on time were it not for alarm clocks. Alarm clocks` utility is thus undeniable.

Whether analog or digital, alarms are available in a wide variety and with different mechanisms and functionalities. From those that shake beds, some even run away while others force one to play some games in an attempt to get them out bed. Ruggie, the new alarm clock, however, uses a somewhat different approach by forcing one to stand!

The alarm clock is similar to a rug and is the size of a standard bathroom mat. It features a LED display light on the upper right corner. Although the Ruggie is not a beautiful bedroom piece, the alarm clock serves an immense purpose.  The LED display is for setting the time as well as the preferred alarm sounds that are pre-loaded with the rug. Also, the LED display is capable of doubling as a nighttime light when getting up at night.

Amusingly, you can connect the Ruggie to a computer over USB in to upload an audio file to play as soon as the alarm goes off routinely. It is an ideal choice of a reminder for any work or just an opportunity to listen to your favorite tune before waking up. When the alarm hums, you cannot get it to shut off until you are standing on it. Obviously, standing up at sunrise is the most difficult part.

Regarding power use, the Ruggie works on 3 AAA batteries that ought to last for about a year. The retail estimate price on the final product is $99.

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