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Punkt MP01 – Mobile Phone Made Simple

Punkt MP01 cellular phone

Technology has literally improved every aspect of human life from longer lifespans, medicines, food, manufacturing, logistics, communication, and so on. You name it, technology has made it better or working on making it better. Although technology is supposed to make life more simple, it’s not always the case. Take mobile phones as an example. You think they are simple? Sure, simple to use but 80% of the features are never used by the average phone user. Or perhaps I’m just too simple for the modern age. The Punkt MP01 is my type of phone…minus the price.

Why should I pay $400-700 for a phone when I only use it to check the time, call/text, make a few notes, and use the calendar? If you’re not into streaming videos and using social media apps, it’s time to consider a mobile phone such as the Punkt MP01. The phone is as minimalistic as it’s going to get with only the bare essentials.

It allows the user to make phone calls, access contacts list, send/receive SMS, alarm clock, and calendar just like back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It features a two-inch Gorilla Glass LCD display and the battery should last you up to four weeks on standby. If you do use it, you will get just under 300 minutes of talk time. The Punkt MP01 will be available in September 2015 and will retail for $295. That’s still way too much money! Something like this should be available in the $25-30 range if you ask me. Would I recommend this phone? No, not at this price but I would recommend a phone like this without the hefty price.

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