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Plume Pods – Stronger Wi-Fi Throughout Your Home

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In modern living, internet connectivity is a basic requirement as it helps people conduct tasks over the web. Available in almost all public joints, Wi-Fi allows you to login into your online accounts outside your workplace. In most instances, the strength of the Wi-Fi varies with the provider and the number of users in a given area. You probably may have to deal with slow internet in some corners of your house coming from poor distribution.

With Plume Pods, you need not keep moving your router a thousand times, as the device helps redistribute the internet for better access. By just placing the mini hubs in the sockets, you are rest assured of steady connection that lowers interruptions when you are working online. It, therefore, saves you time involved in fixing the variations increasing productivity for the freelancers. You will hardly note when the gadget function but the results will appear with increased strength and stability.


While they are placed inside the house, they provide access to Wi-Fi within a given range from your house. It comes in handy when doing tasks outside the main house but within your home compound. You can connect with friends, send emails, submit reports and shop online as you enjoy the breeze under the shade. The best part is that the pods triage the usage to ensure the devices that need more bundles get the most out of the connection.

If you are looking for one, the pods bear individual prices but come in packs of six units per order. Based on their efficiency, they may look excess for small houses, rendering some units unnecessary. However, buying in six helps when you take bigger house where the internet might show variances. Most users report higher internet performance upon using the Plum pods and find them suitable to fit in the Living room, dining room, Kitchens, and Bedrooms among others.


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