Olly and Molly: Smell and Taste Your Tweets

Every day, you learn about new audio, visual, and touch-screen gadgets that social media enthusiasts use to interact via internet. You never thought about other senses. Now there is a pair of devices which let you smell or taste your online messages, be they tweets or others.

Named, Olly and Molly, they are both USB-connected and Arduino-powered. They notify you when you have a new message through your rarely used senses of smell and taste (I mean, in the virtual world). Olly is scent-based and emits a fragrance from a scented oil of your choice as a notification. If you have more than one Ollies you can have different digital events trigger different aromas.

Molly is a little robot that holds onto some little candies of your choice, and drops one into its little bin upon receipt of virtual notifications after a pre-set number of times.

On Kickstarter –a pledge of $50 or more will get you an Olly, and $55 or more will get you a Molly. The project will only go ahead if they receive pledges to their $35,000 goal, so please pledge now.




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