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Nissan Roam – Using Old Leaf Batteries for a Camper

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Ever thought about what you could do with the batteries of electric cars, once they are worn down? Well, Nissan has given a thought to it and you’d be amazed to know how these batteries that are no longer going to be used, will come in handy for camping purposes. You read us right! Nissan, after teaming up with trailer manufacturer, Opus, has come up with a concept of using these old batteries to provide power while camping.

The concept is known as Nissan ROAM. It is a small cube of old lithium-ion battery cells from the electric cars that connect the Air Opus trailer. These cells can store up to 700Wh of electricity and can also provide a power output up to 1kW, with outlets to power small devices, appliances, lights and heating. Nissan has converted the old Leaf batteries into a camping companion that is not dependant on direct electricity.

The battery pack can also be recharged with the help of its solar panel in about two to four hours. Combined with this solar panel of 400W, the ROAM can provide a seven days’ power to the trailer. That cuts down on the diesel generator, producing noise and emitting gases. If plugged to a 230-volt power outlet, your ROAM would take only an hour to charge. So, even if you aren’t getting enough sun at the place you are camping, no worries, just take it to some nearby place and do the charging for an hour.

The trailer comes with a pop-up camper that takes only 90 seconds to inflate with the Nissan Energy’s portable power pack, ROAM. The ROAM is placed on a special compartment at the front of the camper. It provides a power supply to both the 230-volt circuit and the 12-volt circuit. You can also easily remove the battery pack from the trailer and as mentioned above, recharge it over a 230v domestic socket or the solar panel accessory.

The ROAM supports charging of smartphones, lights, a projector with pull-up screen for movies, a 230v portable microwave, a small fridge and a two-burner gas stove. So, the next time you want to go camping with friends or your loved one, hop in your car and drag this little home away from home with you. You can plan a week of getaway and come back refreshed like never before.

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