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Lua – The Smart Planter

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It’s hard to know how frequently to water house plants or give them sunlight. With a busy work schedule, kids, and plants, I often forget if I have even watered my plants. For those of us who love plants but often kill them, there’s a new planter to help those plants stay alive. The Lua Smart Planter turns your houseplant into a virtual pet. The planter shows 15 different emotions to show you how your plant is doing and what it needs. The planter has special sensors that measure different things like moisture, temperature and sun exposure. The planter is connected to an app so you simply choose the type of plant, which in turn creates a QR code and the planter will scan the code. The app and the planter direct you on how to take care of it.

Six of these emotions are related to plant health. Some of those emotions that you will see are a thirsty face if it needs water, a vampire face if there hasn’t been enough sun exposure, cold or hot faces if the temperature isn’t right, a squint face if there is too much sun exposure. This fun planter even goes to sleep at night and wakes up in the morning when it senses light or movement. The Lua planter is a really fun and modern design planter that can fit into any home. It’s even great for the kids to teach them how to take care of plants and encourages them to get involved.

Lua is currently a prototype on Indiegogo with an estimated delivery of December 2019. It comes in two colors currently but they promised to add 2 more colors if they reach their stretch goals.

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