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Levitating Bluetooth Speaker By OM/ONE

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Regardless of where you live, whether it is a house or an apartment, there are always surefire ways to shake it up and make it feel a bit homier and a bit more interesting. But I bet you didn’t think your sound system could offer some sort of otherworldly experience, because after all, they’re just speakers. But this is the 21st century, so nothing is “just speakers” anymore, as proven by Om One. You can now buy a levitating Bluetooth speaker, yes, a speaker that quite literally floats in mid air. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

Measuring at 8 x 8 x 8” and just under two and a half pounds you can purchase a speaker that looks like some futuristic device, but is also quite useful. At only around $75, it’s really not an expensive buy and it looks pretty darn cool. Since it uses Bluetooth you can control and use it with any of your Bluetooth-using devices up to 33 feet away. That isn’t much, but how often will you need to actually be controlling the music from further than that anyway?

Another added bonus of this speaker is that it’s portable, so you can take it with you in the car, on a trip, to a friend’s house or just out to the park for a day of fun. With up to 12 hours of battery, it will last you much longer than even other portable speakers—and those don’t levitate.

Unfortunately, the sound from this device is not fantastic and you probably wouldn’t want to replace your regular sound system with it, but it’s great for taking on the go and better than using just your phone, plus it just looks really darn cool, even if you don’t play anything from it. Don’t be discouraged from the reviews on Amazon, as since then Om One has made changes to the speakers and now they’re much better than since then. It now outputs 110 decibels with a 3W RMS amplifier.

You’re probably wondering how this magical floating orb works. Essentially the base is magnetic and as you probably know, when two opposite magnets are put together they repel, and that’s exactly what this device uses. Although despite its logical explanation, it still looks like magic.

This floating speaker is not just for music, but you can also use it for audio conversations or the sound to a video you’re showing a friend but need it to be a little louder. It’s not every day that you can have an item that looks like something from the future but also is totally useful, and that’s exactly what this unique levitating speaker is. Brilliant and useful. Available on Amazon for $76.99.

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