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Jiko Power – Turn Fire Into Electricity

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Every now and then we come across situations that we are left without power. A decade ago, this was probably not a big deal, but now with all these gadgets that we carry we feel left out if loose power. We want to stay connected if we are on a back country camping trip or in other places where there is no supply of continuous power. These days even people who don’t have access to stable electricity, wants to keep connected. In some parts of the world, a small population has access to electricity but majority of them have cell phones.

Here is The Jiko Power that converts fire into energy so no matter where you are, you can stay connected. It uses a thermoelectric battery that stores energy when charged by converting heat into chemical energy and produces electricity when discharged. The concept has long been used to generate electricity from waste heat. But Jiko Power makes it more affordable and more accessible. It can be used as part of your emergency survival kit and keep you connected in disaster situations.

The device is rugged and durable and uses heat that would otherwise be wasted. This allows the device to be more versatile that can be readily used by more people. Small and lightweight, the device can power gadgets via USB. Currently Jiko is being crowdfunded, but you can book yours for a pledge of $115.

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