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It’s OK- 5.0 Bluetooth Cassette Player

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Ever want to go back in time, and remember the good old days when times were simpler? Although we can’t really do that, sometimes listening to oldies helps us to relax and forget about our current day problems. What’s even better is actually taking out a cassette player and listening to those good oldies. NINB Lab has now created a cassette player but with 5.0 Bluetooth capabilities, which means you can put in those old cassettes you’ve been saving in the attic but hook up your new wireless Bluetooth headphones or even Bluetooth speakers. You can get rid of those annoying 3.5mm headphones and not get trapped up in those wires. Or if you really do want that 80’s experience, this cassette player also supports the 3.5mm headphones in addition to Bluetooth. Although there have been other versions of bluetooth cassette players, It’s OK has a better, faster and greater transfer rate of music. It’s also has a better transfer distance, allowing you to enjoy music at a greater range.

It’s Ok also has the capability to record messages on the cassette player. It has a mic button to record something special or music. It’s OK also comes with a blank tape that can record up to 60 minutes of audio. So have fun and pass it around to your friends and record meaningful messages.

NINB Lab has made the design in 3 retro cool colors with a transparent tape design, so you can watch the tape play. You can get this player in Cloud white, Sakura pink, or Evening navy blue for about $63. There’s less than one month left in their Kickstarter campaign.

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