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iRig Micro Amp

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IK Multimedia first entered the guitar world when they created AmpliTube, amp modelling software, which brought electric guitar sounds to your home. AmpliTube is now available as an app for all devices such as phone, tablets, and computers. Now IK Multimedia has created the iRig Micro Amp which is a portable miniature amplifier you can connect to your phone, iPad, PC or Mac. The connection, however, is through wire connectivity only and not Bluetooth.

As an amp on its own, this rugged unit features three channels – clean, drive, and lead – with increasing levels of gain, EQ knobs, and volume controls. The unit also has a speaker-out jack, a headphone out jack, a mini USB port and an auxiliary mini-jack input. It can be powered by batteries alone by using six AA batteries or a nine-volt adapter. However, the amp power decreases in half to about 7.5 Watts if run on batteries alone but that’s still enough power to do some jamming and create some nice, rich sounds. When the unit is plugged in, the amp offers 15W of power. This amp also has a 4” speaker. The iRig also comes with the AmpliTube app and software, delivering a wide range of tones. The Micro Amp unlocks many amps and stompbox effects in AmpliTube CS for iPhone or iPad.

So if you want to do some street jamming with your friends or want to make some sweet sounds other than your studio and you don’t want to lug around huge equipment, this portable amp is the perfect solution for you and costs only $149.99.

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