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The iPhone’s Benefits Weighed Against Android

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Anyone wishing to buy a new smartphone will be faced with one very important choice – Android or iPhone? Supporters on both sides of the debate make some very valid points. For instance, Android’s Windows-based operating system has been taken up by many different manufacturers, which gives consumers a wide variety of devices at many different price points. iPhone is available only through Apple or an Apple authorized store, which leaves less in the way of variation between devices but a much greater degree of consistently between devices and different models. iPhone’s are also highly compatible with other Apple products, something that Android devices cannot assure.

What Do You Want From a Phone

There are a few features that first-time smart phone owners should consider when making this important decision. This can include:

  • Compatibility with other devices and apps, such as music players
  • Compatibility with third-party accessories, such as payment card readers
  • Camera, audio, and other multimedia capabilities
  • Value of device for resale or trade

The iPhone is highly compatible with accessories made by third parties since manufacturers have to conform to a much smaller number of devices. Creating accessories such as payment card readers that are compatible with every possible Android device is impossible; this can leave Android users uncertain about many questions regarding compatibility.

Android is built to be Google-friendly, which is not something that every user really wants. iPhone, on the other hand, lets users choose from Google Drive services accessible through an app or standard Apple cloud services. This can be much more convenient for certain users.

Finally, iPhone and other Apple devices have an exceptionally good trade-in value so long as the device is in good condition. Also, there are many Apple service centers that would be able to help you with any iPhone issue. This is something to think about when it comes time to upgrade to a new smartphone.

Everything You Need for Your iPhone

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