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An IPhone X Review

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Given the impact that Apple have had in the mobile marketplace, its little wonder that every new release is greeted with a huge sense of anticipation. Despite this, there has been a sense that the brand’s use of technology has somewhat stagnated in recent times, both in terms of handsets and its iOS platforms.

There are hopes that this will change with the release of the iPhone X, however, which is being marketed as a revolutionary handset that will represent the biggest step forward for Apple since its original launch in 2007.

But what should we expect from the iPhone X, and how does it break new ground in the smartphone market? Let’s take a look:

Is this the future of the smartphone?

Apple themselves have declared this handset as the future of the smartphone market, although the brand have taken a huge risk by eschewing some of its traditional tech for high-end alternatives. Out have gone the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and iconic home button, for example, while new methods of navigating the phone’s menus have also been introduced.

Then there’s the price tag, with pay-as-you-go handsets costing a staggering £999.99 and 64GB contract phones available for around £56 per month.

This calculated risk is arguably a small price to pay to replace a tired design, however, and one that had lost ground to Samsung and HTC handsets during the last two years. The iPhone X now boasts a stunning, 5.8-inch screen, for example, and one that has created a greater sense of space by doing away with the home button. The display also boasts an exceptionally high resolution of 1125×2436, making it ideal for gamers who enjoy accessing mobile casino games.

The new display also includes a new feature for Apple, namely HDR playback. This handset can therefore play movies encoded in the HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats, which integrates well with the OLED display and creates far better color reproduction.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of design, however, with the iPhone X clearly being positioned as offering a new dawn in the smartphone market. The first indication of this is the presence of wireless charging, which Apple have been keen to refine and implement for years now. Similarly, the bezel-less display may also alter the direction of smartphone designs, A providing the ideal balance between affording customers adequate grip and creating a seamless visual experience.

It’s also hard to ignore the integration of face recognition, which can now be used by owners to unlock their phones. This is a direct and ambitious replacement for the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which despite being a relatively revolutionary shift took valuable space on the front of the phones. With facial recognition technology underpinned by in-built scanners, users can now arguably access their phones in a far more seamless and secure way.

Will Apple’s gamble pay off?

Apple have also reinvented its cameras, with two 12 MP OIS lenses located at the rear and a 7MP option at the front. Coupled with some of the other, newly-developed features, there’s no doubt that the iPhone X represents one of the most revolutionary product launches in this marketplace.

Whether the gamble pays off for Apple has yet to be seen, but there’s no doubt that the brand has acted decisively to reassert itself as a technological leader in the mobile industry.

Now the public will decide whether these changes alter the course of smartphone design or serve as Apple’s most costly mistake to date.

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