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Instax Mini LiPlay – A Paper Photo With A Voice Message

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Photography is not only a hobby, it’s also an art. Snapping pictures throughout the day has become the norm, whether you’re at work with your colleagues, at a restaurant, or just hanging out with your friends and family. It’s easy to take pictures with your phone, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a print out immediately?

Fujifilm has introduced a new camera, the Instax Mini LiPlay, which can do just that-print on the go. The LiPlay is a small digital camera, and has a small LCD screen to help you frame your shots. The pictures can be stored to the internal storage or an optional microSD card. Unlike a Polaroid camera which prints out as you take them, you can choose which pictures you want printed and can add different filters and frames that are included with the camera. The LiPlay uses a small 1/5-inch digital image sensor that captures 2,560 by 1,920 pixel images. The picture printouts are small at about 3.4 by 2.1 inches.

Not only can you print out pictures, but you can now record audio to go along with the pictures and keep those memories alive. Fujifilm has added a mic button at the front of the camera which allows you to record up to 10 seconds of audio. You can simply print out a QR code on the picture, which can be scanned by your phone and the sound can be played back. It’s a simple and easy to use camera. Be creative and post the print outs throughout the house, surprise your colleagues at work, or just send to your friends with a special message.  You’ll never get tired of using this unique camera. This fun camera is available in 3 colors and costs only $160.

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