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InfinityBall 4 – Speed Vibrating Massage Ball

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A lot of people use foam rollers or vibrating balls to help recover from sore muscles after a workout, or after a strenuous task or profession. These types of devices and contraptions are growing in popularity since a lot of people find relief in using these devices for muscle pains and joint paints. For people whose professions require them to be standing on their feet all day, these devices can be a godsend in helping them cure their aching feet at the end of a long day at work. Some others find benefit in using them after a strenuous workout at the gym or running a marathon to simply loosen up the muscles. In that way, it can be a great way to cool down and prevent muscle injury post-workouts.

Some studies even show that these devices can cause rapid fat loss, calorie burning or muscle toning and we have all seen the commercials from the ’90s for these devices being wrapped around your waist. Those fell out of fashion as people did not like them being wrapped right around their stomachs.

However, now, the public seems to be gaining interest in vibration for muscle relief again. The InfinityBall 4 is the next device in pain management technology and sports recovery massage, that helps to work on your neck, back, legs and any part of your body that is aching or sore. It comes with four intensity levels, low, medium, high and pulse so that you can choose the speed and intensity that is right for you. Whether you’ve run a marathon or crushed a gym workout or have been standing up all day at a work meeting, this device has the right level for you to optimally help ease your muscle tension and rejuvenate your muscles. So if you want to relax your hand muscles from writing or typing too much, you can set it to the low setting. And if you have an intense workout and need to use it for your legs, then just set it to the higher settings as per your preferences.

The InfinityBall 4 is created by the manufacturers of NextRollers vibrating foam roller. It is trusted by NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes. This device is used by the pros to recover from injuries quickly, ease muscle tension and stress and be able to perform at their best.

Some of the features it offers is a two-hour battery life on a single charge, single button operation, variable vibration intensity that you can use according to your needs and preferences, two points of contact system, and it also comes with a one-year warranty.

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