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Harry Potter Foundmi Tracker

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There are fewer fandoms in the world that are bigger than Harry Potter. Which often means that if you are looking for a gift for someone, chances are they are a Harry Potter fan, or a Potterhead as they call themselves. These days, with the myriad of Harry Potter-themed goodies available in the market, you are never really at a loss about what to buy for yourself or a friend in case you’re looking for a little retail therapy or a gift.

However, why not make your gift something useful and practical instead of just giving something that will sit on their shelf gathering dust?

Foundmi are small portable Bluetooth tracking devices that you can simply attach to the item you want to track, such as a wallet, bag, keys, or anything you wish to find. When you pair it with your phone, it can help you do the following with it:

  • You can find your phone if you have lost or misplaced it, by simply double-clicking the button on your foundmi. This will cause your phone to ring, even if it was placed on silent!
  • If you attach your Foundmi tracker to anything you are likely to lose, such as your bag or keys, you can simply tap the find button in the app on your phone, and you will find your foundmi tracker.
  • Another feature is the Selfie feature, where you can double-click the button on your foundmi tracker to snap a photo of it in the app viewfinder.
  • The most useful feature it offers is the map feature, where if you have lost your Foundmi, you can simply check your phone and it will give you the last map location of your Foundmi so you can find it quickly.

Setting up the Foundmi tracker is extremely easy, so easy that even a child could do it. All you have to do is flip open the battery slot in the back of the device, attach the battery and simply use your Bluetooth on your device to pair your phone with the Foundmi tracker. This can be done easily by installing the Foundmi app in the Playstore or Appstore, and that’s it!

In addition, the Foundmi tracker allows you to use your own photos within the app to assign your customized icon to each of your trackers. This is useful if you have more than one tracker, and it makes it easy to find which tracker you wish to locate in order to find the device or item that you are looking for. This tracker is also extremely small so you need not worry about having to carry something bulky around with you. What’s not to love?

Photo Credit: https://www.firebox.com/Harry-Potter-Foundmi-Trackers/p8874

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