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Hammacher Schlemmer: The Phone to TV streamer

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Television has evolved a lot over time, and the only reason why people are into buying a smart TV is the convenience and flexibility it allows. There are several things you can do with a smart TV; from watching normal channels to Netflix or from using YouTube directly on TV to using applications, everything is possible in that box you’ve purchased.

However, for people who purchased a 40” Smart HD LED television-set back when it was really popular, and if it’s still running smooth and fine, getting rid of it only for the sake of few features might seem unreasonable. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that the newer version of smart TVs has only come up with additional features and few resolution enhancements here and there. So what can you do about the old TV now?

The Phone to TV Streamer

For this device to work, your TV needs to have an HDMI port inbuilt. This device is a media stick that can use your smartphone to stream its content to the television. Once plugged to the TV’s HDMI port, it uses Miracast to connect your TV with an Android device without a Wi-Fi connection.

How Does It Work?

After connecting the device to the TV’s HDMI port, it used the television to duplicate your smartphone’s screen. It’s almost like using your phone through the TV! You can play music, run applications, check photographs, browse the internet and also use many paid streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. and that too in 1080p resolution!

Traveling with the Streaming

The streaming device is pretty small and light; almost the size of a cigarette lighter. So, if you are traveling or putting up in a hotel for the night, you can use it to stream the content of your phone without having to depend on the dish channels or local cable services provided on TV.

Photo Credit: https://www.hammacher.com/product/phone-to-tv-streamer

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